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Who shared the most fake news via Facebook during the US presidential election campaign? Not young users, a study shows.

You’d think sharing fake news on Facebook is something mostly young users would engage in. As it turns out, however, a new study revealed those who were actually most likely to share disinformation were… seniors.

The Spokesperson Who Brought Down the Berlin Wall

At 8PM, the West German broadcaster ARD announced the opening of the borders between the two states. Thousands of Berliners started flocking along the Wall, waiting for the border control points to open.

Newseria Founder Artur Woliński: We Will Launch at Least One New Service This Year

We interviewed Artur Woliński about his company’s plans, the media’s demand for agency-related content and the growing video advertising market.

Walesa and the question of reputation

Suffice two days, one police intervention and a handful of media promises, for the issue regarding Lech Walesa to echo widely in the most important national and international media, to become a subject matter of must in all the possible spaces.

Global economy, wars and corporate communication

The world today is far from resolution of its problems, and the past year brought more question marks than answers. By the same, we can speak about the deepening of phenomena or stagnation rather than a great turnaround. After 2001, reality changed irreversibly, and thereafter subject to transformation are also its actors.

Trends, challenges and technology in PR

What role does technology play in Public Relations? What was the biggest challenge to face in 2015?Top trend in 2016? Answers prepared for MistrzowieDrugiegoPlanu.pl