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Invest in a corporate brand

Today more than ever before one can say that we are operating in a new reality. Fast pace of changes, unrestricted circulation of information or growing pressure on companies brings a new communication rhythm. In such circumstances new aspects have evolved, which we must factor-in when thinking about the role of a corporate brand.

PRotons 2015 awarded!

Yet other festivities in the sector are over. Competing for this year’s statues were more than 200 persons, trainees, agency practitioners, press spokesmen and representatives of science.

PResidential elections

While reading commentaries, which accompanied the presidential elections, I concluded that there is common ground between the world of politics and Public Relations.

Harlequin from LinkedIn

Bookstore shelves can barely carry the weight of self-improvement books, which change people’s lives over a weekend. How to understand other better, sell better, control emotions better and how to do everything better. Naturally the internet has also succumbed to the overwhelming need for self-improvement, crossing all limits of gold and silver thoughts.

With Rafal Maciaga on today's photography

You’ve been photographing business for a long time now. Over these years have you noticed any significant changes in the approach to corporate photography? What were they? Do you think history will make a full circle or things will move in a new direction?

In the flurry of human data

We have mastered data generation and collection. This is yet another mega trend, which may result to be a huge trap for all those taking shortcuts, if accepted uncritically.