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Empathic for Adversaries

Recent years have been the time of cryptocurrencies; an innovation, which came into everyday life. There is an abundance of them and the differences between them are often identifiable only to experts. Standing out among the multitude of various coins in terms of security is DasCoin, called „The Currency of Trust”. Their vision is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that brings prosperity for everyone. By eliminating problems of traditional money and adapting trust to the digital age, they are creating a better system for value holding and exchanging.

In working for DasCoin, we shared their vision. We were focussed on delivering solutions that increase empowerment, enhance control and expand freedom, leading to a better and more prosperous future. This is how we handled communication with the media and were responsible for expert positioning of opinion leaders from DasCoin global board. We applied diversified tools to support global crisis management, communication of special events as well as  internal communication.

Scope of work

  • crisis communication
  • key group relations
  • media relations

Our expertise

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