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Public Relations and Davos 2019

The world is governed by objectives, coordination of their implementation and cohesive thinking. Events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos illustrate this, being best example. Problems contained in the meeting agenda will to a lesser or greater extent become a binding truth, but certainly show what those shaping our reality think. They allow to articulate problems which will focus attention of public opinion, lay premises on which to draw conclusions regarding legislation and offer possibility to shape communication based on real variables, going beyond the marketing speculative bubble.

New globalisation, or rather crisis of faith in common future and search of new values, is one of the factors to be present in almost all sectors and will require afterthought of each and every type of governmental, non-governmental and commercial organisation. The shape of a new economic order will condition the future and directions of company’s changes. What they are going to say to the market and, equally importantly, what will be the expectations of interest holders with regard to their relations with market participants. PR experts must be ready to re-orient actions in the multi-polar world, and – what is even more difficult, they have to prepare to this their organisations, whose inertia seems to be greater than our ability, ability of individual observers, to recognise problems. The fourth industrial revolution will bring interesting discussions in the area of, but not only, ecological or social constraints, and  also how this will affect local, national or even global conditions for running businesses.

Appearing in the background is also the question of digital economy and society. This is yet another area in which to see symptoms of widespread global discussions which will polarise people. Innovations today are entering the phase of undermining our thinking about economy.

Modern solutions are no more an expansion of what we have known – they are becoming a nucleus of something new.

Market without agents or algorithms going beyond capacity of human, process driven thinking, is awaiting right behind the corner. Education how to control technological development, how to safely adapt it and finally – where to set safety borders – these will be problems much more valuable than new algorithms of social media positioning. In the quickly changing landscape driven by technology we have to build rules how to responsibly and transparently guarantee flow of information for cognitive purposes, influence or entertainment. How to enhance confidence and responsibility of the interested parties – to finally improve social integrity and social wellbeing. This certainly is space for activating all entities, whose prosperity depends from this aspect of life.

And finally, there is a question regarding limits of mobility. How to accelerate transformation, whose effect will be safe, ecological and global society? How autonomous vehicles, biometry and ultra-light materials create a new information ecosystem.

This is important, as it shows how change of discussion on possibilities to discussion on implementation will bear a totally new set of information problems to be solved.

The opening of people to new business models and services adapted to new expectations of clients will give rise new fortunes, but will also lead to crises in many sectors – these are also challenges, which will have to be tackled increasingly quickly. Undoubtfully, one of the key roles will be played in this by Public Relations experts.

The analysis of problems raised in Davos will not offer certainty, with which the world is described by visionaries, though a close look on problems, to be raised in the coming days by the greatest of this world, will allow us to easily indicate areas which focus emotions of those, from whom success of our organisation depends.